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Vermiculite Removal: 

We treat all vermiculite of unknown origin as an

asbestos containing material, regardless of any test results showing

percentages of asbestos content below 1 percent. 

We have been studying this issue closely for years and have spent

considerable capital on TEM testing of vermiculite samples.  We have 

consistently discovered the presence of Asbestos Fibers in vermiculite

samples, which leads us to declare, without a doubt,

that this is the most responsible direction to take. 

This is a serious issue 

Basically, industry mined a dormant rock that was created 

over millions of years, ground it up, put it in bags and sold it 

to the public so we could spread it in millions of attics as a means

of insulation...not thinking that it could be harmful to human life.


Here is a microscopic view of a single piece of vermiculite.

Each piece of vermiculite has hundreds of layers where toxic

Libby Amphibole Asbestos (LAA) fibers and other types

of asbestos fibers were "geologically" lodged for millions

of years.  According to the EPA testing each layer for

a "percentage of Asbestos Content" is just not practical

or even possible with current testing methodologies.  









Our Vermiculite Removal Process: 

Bulk Extraction System Technology (BEST)

This innovative & adaptable system has proven

to be the most effective way to remove vermiculite

and all associated insulation types from residential attics.

We can remove Vermiculite mixed with cellulose,

mineral wool, calcium silicate, loose blown fiberglass...etc.

safely and efficiently. The Boston housing market presents

a housing stock started over 400 years ago...Capes, Ranches,

Victorians, Tudors, Mansards...etc... we handle them all

no matter what the time of year, or the level of difficulty. 

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Asbestos Removal from Boilers, Pipes, Furnaces & Ducts:  

Due to the many different styles of heating systems in the Greater Boston Area having extensive experience is very important. We have this experience & understand the safety precautions required when dealing with fire generating systems in our customers homes & businesses. Yours, and your family’s well being is of our utmost concern.

Asbestos Containing Flooring Materials:

Whether it’s linoleum or vinyl tile flooring we are experienced in removing both.  Kitchens, bathrooms & basements have been our specialty for decades. 

Complex Asbestos Abatement Project Planning:  

We have gained a vast amount of experience by successfully completing well over 17,000 abatement projects in the complex & challenging housing market of Greater Boston.  Having a deep understanding and being mindful of our customers needs has been central to our organization & we strive to make working together a wonderful experience... well, as wonderful as removing a hazardous substance can possibly be!   This experience is what gives our company the edge over our competition and provides you with the peace of mind that your project will be handled professionally and competently.  

We are “Internet Ready” to serve your needs:

We understand the fast paced world our customers deal with every day and make every attempt to clarify the rather complex asbestos abatement process here in Massachusetts.  We make every reasonable attempt to communicate and inform our customers throughout the entire abatement process.  We accept online payments and utilize a convenient online contract signing process. 

We Accept Major Credit Cards:

Doing business with a trusted and established company is important when considering transactions being done in a secure manner. Securing the identity of our customers is of utmost concern to our management team.  We offer an online payment system using a trusted server network to protect your identity. 

Follow Up Status:

When we complete a project, we don't just "disappear" off the map.  We are an established 

company that will be there to assist you for years to come.  We are proud to have served many wonderful customers through multiple generations of home buying...some customers have used our services in over 4 different homes as they made their way up and down the home buying cycle.   

Asbestos Siding :

We made a decision years ago to focus our efforts on the interior of dwellings.  We will remove asbestos siding on a very limited basis and will bid on projects where siding has been pre-packaged by homeowners for disposal.  For information on how to remove siding on your own or as a contractor please refer to the instructions on the MA DEP’s website or this helpful  FAQ  http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/dep/air/laws/asbestos-reg-faq.pdf                          

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