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About Dudley Services

Dudley Services, Inc. is a MA Department of Labor Standards licensed asbestos abatement company specializing in providing vermiculite removal services for Residential & Commercial customers in the Greater Boston Area. At Dudley, we pride ourselves on providing our customers prompt, courteous and highly professional service. Our founder, Sam "Butch" Nigro has over 35 years experience in the asbestos abatement field and has successfully served over 20,000 customers throughout the Greater Boston area.  Recently, Dudley Services has  worked relentlessly towards perfecting it's unique high powered  "Bulk Extraction System Technology" process for vermiculite and other forms of insulation commonly found in attics.  The end result of the development sequence has provided the most effective/efficient method known for all potential residential vermiculite/insulation abatement scenarios. 

Mission Statement

To streamline the process and alleviate the bottlenecks building owners might encounter in their attempts to weatherize & electrify the estimated 10 to 30 million United States homes that have vermiculite insulation within their attics/walls.... by 2050 to 2080  (incentives willing!)

Corporate "Innovation Contribution" goals

--Create an electric powered high velocity "Bulk Extraction System Technology"  that is HEPA filtered, scalable, efficient, inexpensive, commercial off the shelf and user friendly-   This is done, but there are always improvements  

--Create a "Truck Mounted Renewable Source Battery Storage Capability" to power our BEST process

--Obtain an "all electric fleet of trucks" for our daily activities.

--Limit the amount of energy consumed, waste generated and emissions released while assisting our customers who are attempting to limit their emissions through weatherization & the electrification transition.

About Our Employees

Our employees are our biggest asset.  Hard working, caring and respectful.  All field personnel are licensed, insured & highly trained vermiuclite & asbestos abatement professionals.  Everyone who works here is free to participate in our innovation process... thankfully, this has been working! 


About Our Owner/Estimator, Sam "Butch" Nigro

-Over 35 years experience in the asbestos/vermiculite abatement industry in Massachusetts

  operating Dudley Services Inc
-Bentley University Class of ‘89 (Bricks & Books!)   
-Licensed Asbestos Contractor and Supervisor of over 20,000 jobs for Dudley since 1987
-Licensed Massachusetts Oil Burner Technician since 1989
-Extensive knowledge of heating systems and construction methods
-Oversees and monitors all aspects of the abatement process 

-Innovator of proprietary high velocity Bulk Extraction System Technology "BEST" process

-Creator and maintainer of this website and 

-Inventor of specialized ultra-large sand casting manufacturing processes for SBIR, NAVY, NAVSEA, ONR & DARPA projects utilizing periodic lightweight lattice structures.  Projects include Large Watertight Doors, Ultra-Flat Mirrors, Naval Propulsion Components & Aerospace Structures.

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Proudly Serving Eastern & Central Massachusetts 
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