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--New for 2024!  Mass Save incentives for Vermiculite - Enhanced Barrier Mitigation Grant

Here is the link to the $10,000.00  "No Interest Loan" made available for Vermiculite Removal through the lenders at Mass Save:

The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust now has a maximum reimbursement amount of up to $5,102.50*, depending on the year in which the removal occurred hereby assisting homeowners with the costs of vermiculite removal! Click here for more details: 

-- New Regulation for renovation and demolition contractors -- You now need to obtain an: 

" Asbestos Survey for Renovation & Demolition"

Regulation changes pertaining to Renovation Projects in Massachusetts :  If you are planning a renovation/demolition project (residential or commercial) you must have an asbestos survey of the areas to be impacted  by the renovation completed prior to the commencement of any renovation/demolition project.  This is a State Regulation & just because the Local Building Department didn't require this step when you went for the building still must to be done.  Many cities and towns are now requiring this survey when you apply for the building permit.  Having this survey done will absolutely streamline the process going forward, protects the health of all involved and make projects efficient and thus, profitable.  

   Here is a link that explains this in more detail (look to page 10):

If you need a survey just let us know and we will provide information on how to get this done


--The establishment of the Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust : 

 If you need your vermiculite removed this Trust has money available for this type of project.  We can assist you with all your needs for this step!

 Here is the entity that oversees this Trust: 

 This US Court system ordered Trust is designed to assist building owners with the abatement cost of Zonolite Attic Insulation from their attics.  

-- Dudley Services Inc was proud to be the top producer in this weatherization program and we look forward to the grants and financial incentives being implemented for all of our customers! Click below for details  


Proudly Serving Eastern & Central Massachusetts 
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